This release provides security and stability improvements, including the December SPL, a minor change to battery thermal logic, and resolves the prompt of an incorrectly formatted temperature message.

Build date: November 27th, 2020
Build type: Security Maintenance Release (SMR)
Security patch level: November 05
Build version: T8(001CE)_20201127
OTA targets build: T8(001CE)_20200807

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Android CVEs disclosed by Google

CVE Severity
CVE-2020-0409 High
CVE-2020-0441 Critical
CVE-2020-0442 Critical
CVE-2020-0439 High
CVE-2020-0454 High
CVE-2020-0443 High
CVE-2020-0451 Critical
CVE-2020-0452 High
CVE-2020-0449 Critical
CVE-2020-12856 High
CVE-2020-0424 High
CVE-2020-0448 High
CVE-2020-0450 High
CVE-2020-0453 High
CVE-2020-0437 High


CVE Severity
CVE-2020-0445 High
CVE-2020-0446 High
CVE-2020-0447 High

Rhino CVEs

No CVEs disclosed for this release

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