This release includes security and stability improvements, incorporating a storage permission fix known to cause issues with device enrolment on some platforms.

Build date: July 09th, 2021
Build type: Security Maintenance Release (SMR)
Security patch level: June 05
Build version: T8(001)_20210709
OTA targets build: T8(001)_20210605

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Android CVEs disclosed by Google

CVE Severity
CVE-2021-0511 High
CVE-2021-0521 High
CVE-2021-0508 High
CVE-2021-0509 High
CVE-2021-0510 High
CVE-2021-0520 High
CVE-2021-0507 High
CVE-2021-0516 High
CVE-2021-0505 High
CVE-2021-0506 High
CVE-2021-0523 High
CVE-2021-0504 High
CVE-2021-0517 High
CVE-2021-0522 High
CVE-2021-0513 High
CVE-2020-26555 High
CVE-2020-26558 High
CVE-2021-0478 High
CVE-2020-14305 High
CVE-2021-0512 High
CVE-2020-14305 High
CVE-2020-14305 High


CVE Severity
CVE-2021-0525 High
CVE-2021-0526 High
CVE-2021-0527 High
CVE-2021-0528 High
CVE-2021-0529 High
CVE-2021-0530 High
CVE-2021-0531 High
CVE-2021-0532 High
CVE-2021-0533 High


No CVEs disclosed for this release

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