Welcome to Android 10!

This release upgrades your C10 from Android 9.0 to Android 10, June SPL. Android 10 brings major improvements to your device, including:

  • Security enhancements
  • Project mainline support for decoupled updates
  • WIFI, keyguard, and security enhancements
  • Manual system update deployments (EMM dependent)

... and more: Consumer features | Enterprise features

Build date: June 17th, 2021
Build type: Maintenance Release (MR)
Security patch level: June 05
Build version: C10(001)_20210617
OTA targets build: C10(001)_20210129

Please update as soon as is convenient to ensure your device remains secure. As this is a seamless update supported device, the update will download and apply in the background, needing only a reboot when prompted.

Note: As this is a major release, it is recommended the update be deployed over Wi-Fi, on on unlimited data plans. Expect to consume up to 1GB of data.

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Android CVEs disclosed by Google

See the bulletin.


CVE Severity
CVE-2021-0525 High
CVE-2021-0526 High
CVE-2021-0527 High
CVE-2021-0528 High
CVE-2021-0529 High
CVE-2021-0530 High
CVE-2021-0531 High
CVE-2021-0532 High
CVE-2021-0533 High


No CVEs disclosed for this release

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